While the primary function of windows is to provide ventilation & natural light to a building, beautiful windows also frame views of the outdoors and create architectural elements that are both functional and interesting. But unless they’re properly installed, windows can become a liability rather than an asset, permitting water to enter the building, which in turn can lead to rot and decay of the structure as well as a headache and expense for the owners.

Chicago Window & Door Solutions is committed to sound building practices; we’re a Certified Installer of Marvin Windows and Doors and  install only top quality wood, clad wood, and fiberglass windows from Marvin, along with custom wood sash and energy panels – almost all of which are fabricated in our own shop out of durable materials. And we install all these components with a passion and attention to detail no other company can match.

With decades of experience in the window and door field, our team is both highly skilled and knowledgeable.  In fact, some of our team members teach their industry colleagues on proper window and door installation procedures!

CWDS encourages its staff to pay it forward by sharing their knowledge through writing articles, participating in online forums, and speaking publicly on subjects related to the building industry. One of the founders, Greg Burnet, has written numerous articles over the years for a number of leading trade magazines. Some of the articles can be found in our archives. In addition, Greg is a longtime presenter at JLC Live and The Remodeling Show, where he leads live clinics on sound building practices. You can watch clips of some of these presentations here.
 CWDS prides itself in being thought leaders in our industry and offering sound guidance to those faced with the decision as to which way to proceed with their window project.

Our window services include:

Insert Replacement Windows – Clad Wood Windows from Marvin

An excellent way to get all the features of a brand new window without disrupting existing trim & window treatments is to use an insert window.  Insert windows fit within existing frames, replacing their sash and balance systems.   The beauty of these units is that they’re custom made specifically for each opening and can be installed quickly.

All the benefits of the Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung series are incorporated into these units, including Low E glass (with argon), easy tilt-in function, and beautiful wood interiors in a variety of species.  In addition, insert units are now available from Integrity by Marvin for those desiring a fiberglass window (ideal in locations that may be more susceptible to dampness, such as in bathrooms).

Full Frame Replacement Windows – Wood & Clad Wood Windows from Marvin

Fiberglass Windows –from Integrity by Marvin

Custom Interior/Exterior Storm Windows & Panels


CWDS can fabricate custom wood storm or energy panels for your windows in a variety of species. The most typical of these is an exterior panel with interchangeable glass & screens. This means the days of having to climb a ladder to switch out storms and screens are over. Our approach uses a wood frame that’s constructed using heavy duty joinery and rot resistant woods such as western red cedar, cypress, or white oak. Low E glass panels fit into these frames and are easily removable from the inside of the building, allowing insect screens to be installed in their place during warmer months.

Another option for those wishing to preserve the exterior appearance of their windows or for those with outward swing windows is an interior storm panel. These are very similar to our exterior panels in that the components (glass & screens) are removable, but are even easier to access. And since they’re not exposed to the elements, they can be fabricated out of any wood you’d like. They combine the benefits of Low E glass, perimeter weather stripping and durability- a combination that will dramatically improve the performance of your old windows.

Custom & Reproduction Wood Sash

Stained & Leaded Glass Window Fabrication