Our Process

Our Process
“Contact Us” – This is seen on most websites, but once you click on the button, what really happens?  Do you wait days for a response – if you’re lucky enough to even receive one?  Chicago Window & Door Solutions responds quickly. It’s just one part of our Customer Convenience Commitment
We will make the sales & installation process as painless for you, our customer, as possible.
We will return emails the same day during normal business hours
We will return phone messages the same day during normal business hours
We will provide you with a point of contact in our office to handle your questions
We will provide written waivers of lien for all payments
We will treat your home or office with care & respect
We will offer innovative, thoughtful solutions to your window & door challenges
We will offer convenient methods to assist you in making product & material selections
We will maintain the proper insurances for the duration of your project
We will provide you with copies of all insurance certificates, including workers compensation & general liability
We will be respectful & mindful of your children & pets
We will utilize only top quality materials on your project
We will install those materials with expert workmanship
We will provide a written warranty on all materials & labor we supply
We will provide a schedule for all work
We will provide you with references upon request
We will follow the EPA RRP statute as prescribed
We will never use high pressure or other questionable sales tactics
We will utilize only trained, uniformed personnel to complete your project
We will strive to earn your referral
– a 20 point program we’ve developed to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way.

Once contacted, we’ll have a staff member call you to discuss your project in detail, then arrange a visit by one our project managers to evaluate your door or window issues and propose solutions.

Should you choose to contract with us, you’ll be kept in the loop as to when your project will be scheduled, receiving periodic updates throughout the process.  Your project will be executed by our own experienced in-house carpenters, all of whom are veterans in the field & have received thorough training on the products we install as well as the services we offer.

You’ll notice along the way that we’ve listened to the biggest gripes consumers have about the industry and have met them head on.  We’ve built our company on cleanliness, convenience and service and we’re sure it shows.

Before starting your project, the first thing our installation team will do is erect proper dust containment and site protection.  They will also clean as they go, taking great pains to leave your home or office in tip top shape.

A primary weapon in our arsenal against dust is a group of HEPA vacuums.  We use these machines not only for ongoing cleanup, but also to capture dust that our tools (most of which are optimized for dust extraction) may produce.

The above steps are especially critical, as the EPA has strict tolerances under their RRP statute for dealing with lead-based paint and the resulting dust in buildings constructed prior to 1978. But we don’t limit our dust containment to just pre-1978 buildings; we believe every jobsite should be a clean jobsite.

Disposal is another area we take great care at executing properly. Too often, articles that can be recycled or reused find their way into the waste stream – especially on construction projects. We’re committed to recycling as much as possible, but prefer to reuse first.  That means that if an element we remove can still function properly in another building, we will donate it on your behalf to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore or a similar organization. You’ll be contributing to a better environment and may qualify for a tax deduction as well!

Materials that can’t be reused but are recycling candidates are separated and brought to an appropriate recycling facility. We dispose of any remaining debris at an approved waste transfer station where (depending on the debris), they may be shredded or separated for other purposes.

Upon completion of the installation phase, our installers will review the work with you, walk you through the operation of your new units, and answer any of your final questions.  You’ll be left with a copy of the operation manual for your unit, as well as care and maintenance instructions.

Once your project is complete, the warranty phase begins.  Most of the products we install carry a lengthy manufactures warranty and we match our warranty on labor to the product.  For example, if there is a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the product itself, we will offer a 10 year warranty on installation.  This provides peace of mind for you, our customer.