The Problems with Vinyl Windows (And Why We Don’t Install Them)

Vinyl windows of all kinds have made their way into the market-place over the past 15-20 years, being touted as energy efficient, durable, and a cheaper alternative to wood windows.

I’m here to confess that I installed a few vinyl windows when they first hit the Chicago market in the mid to late 1990’s; that is, until I started questioning the claims being put forth by the different manufacturers regarding the ‘benefits’ of vinyl windows. Once I stepped back and looked at the claims objectively, here’s what I found: [Read more…]

To Cap or Not To Cap?

To Cap or Not To Cap?
The term capping, or wrapping, refers to the aluminum or vinyl cladding sometimes applied over the exterior trim around a window or door.

This material is most often pre-finished aluminum in the Chicago area, though vinyl is occasionally used.  It comes in coil form and is known in the industry as ‘coil stock’ or ‘trim coil’.  It’s typically formed, or bent, on site with a portable sheet metal brake. Often sold as an “upgrade” to a building’s exterior, it’s touted by some salesmen as being low or no maintenance.

So why the debate on whether or not to cap?  After all, it sounds good and is commonly done, so there must be some benefit to it, right? [Read more…]

To Replace or Repair Your Windows


How do you know whether to repair or replace a particular window?  This is a question not all window companies will offer a straight answer on. The fact is, ripping out and replacing a window is often faster and more profitable for a company than other options, yet can have serious implications if the decision is undertaken lightly or the work performed poorly.

Whether your windows are candidates for repair or replacement depend on a variety of factors, including overall condition of the units (is there any rot, separation of components, etc.), performance, operation, and function.  Contrary to some beliefs, age does not typically enter into the equation. [Read more…]